Youth Outreach Ministries, Inc.


 Ministry Needs

  The ministry is currently in need of many things          that will continue to help us to be effective in our        ministry of reaching youths for Christ.
   We are in need of:

      ◊A building for weekly meetings

      ◊ An area for dining and large enough for                      group viewing of Christian movies.

      ◊ Room to meet with each school level:                          Elementary, Middle, High School

      ◊12-passenger vehicle to help pick up the                      youth for events

      ◊Volunteers for our events

           - Fundraising/Marketing Intern/Volunteer

      ◊Projector and screen

 Our Youths

  ◊ Pray for the salvation of the youths.

  ◊ That our youths will live a consistent Christian          life at school, home and in their daily activities.

  ◊ That God will provide the opportunity for them          to tell others of His great love.

  ◊ Ask God to give them boldness, courage,                  creativity-enabling them to become                            godly leaders among their peers.

  ◊ A spiritual awakening in the unsaved youths              that will spark a desire in them to know Jesus            as their saviour.

  ◊ That God will teach the youth to love their                  school mates.

  ◊ That students will step out of their comfort                zone and be a source of encouragement for              their peers.

  ◊ Our youths will be delivered from strongholds            in their lives (lying, stealing, suicidal thoughts,          pornography, sexting, peer-pressure).

  ◊ That our youths will reach out to others with              your truth and love.

  ◊ That God would bless each home with His                peace

  ◊ God will give the parents wisdom in raising                these youths.

  ◊ That parents will take a genuine interest in the          spiritual welfare of their children.

  ◊ Safety for the children at school.