Our Mission

                                To  Serve, Educate, Empower and Challenge youths for Christ.

We have created alternative avenues for recreation and social interaction. Providing the youth with moral guidance which will enable them to pursue the right course when faced with moral dilemmas. We combine spiritual and social activities to make the average youth a whole being who's life is directed by God.
                                                                       OUR ACTIVITIES
IYO Ministries shows FREE Christian movies monthly. This gives the youth the opportunity to fellowship with believers and unbelievers. The believers share their experiences. which enhances their Christian walk and encourage the unbelievers.


We play ice-breaker games, which give the kids the opportunity to get to know each other better. Other games are used to focus on developing their bible knowledge while giving them an example to live by.

Open Talk
We have open discussions on issues affecting our youths at school, home, and all aspect of their life.
To understand the place of daily devotion time

We teach the importance of praying. Knowing that this is an effective way to have an open communicate between them and God,

       Our Prayers focus on:

              * Fostering the spiritual growth of youths through prayer experience.

              * Healing and reconciliation in young people's lives and relationships

              * Helping youths develop a better understanding of and communication with their parents

We involve the youths in reaching out to serve people in need throughout the community


Youth Outreach Ministries, Inc.